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KLM Sub-Spindle Horizontal 红黑大战app下载 Series

Product Highlights

The Kent CNC sub-spindle multitasking horizontal turning centers combine proven machine design with advance technology in control and manufacturing. Kent CNC dual spindle horizontal turning centers can help you turn your parts faster and more efficiently. Learn how our Kent CNC KLR and KLM series dual spindle horizontal turning centers can increase your profitability. Reliability and performance make this series a favorite among demanding job shops and in-house productions alike. The heavy cutting spindle and rigid machine structure enable higher machining efficiency with better finish and longer tool life – resulting in greater productivity and profitability all around. Upgrade your global competitiveness today.

  • Up to 16.5″ max turning diameters and up to 24″ max turning length

  • Symmetrically designed reinforced headstock for main & sub

  • High precision spindle with dual-roller bearing and self-alignment angular bearings

  • 3 soft jaw sets and 1 hard jaw set each spindle

  • Fanuc “i” series high torque spindle and axis motors

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KLM-200S KLM-200SM KLM-300SM
Sub-spindle Yes Yes Yes
Max 红黑大战app下载 Diameter 10.2″ 11.3″ 16.5″
Max 红黑大战app下载 Length 19.5″ 19.5″ 24″
Spindle Through Hole (Main / Sub) 2.04″ / 1.77″ 2.04″ / 1.77″ 2.95″ / 1.77″
Chuck (Main / Sub) 8″ / 6″ 8″ / 6″ 10″ / 6″
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