CNC Double Turret 红黑大战app下载 Centers

CNC Double Turret 红黑大战app下载 Centers
CNC Double Turret 红黑大战app下载 Centers2021-04-19T14:56:55-08:00

CNC Double Turret 红黑大战app下载 Centers

Kent-CNC-MA-Series Double Turret CNC 红黑大战app下载 Center

Product Highlights

The Kent CNC Double Turret 红黑大战app下载 Center provides 2 excellent configurations for complex double-spindle turning. The twin turret setup allows for the most efficient utilization of both upper and lower turrets in one compact design. The MA Series Double Turret Mill-Turn 红黑大战app下载 Centers are designed for machining complex work-pieces on both ends simultaneously. This allows for enhanced efficiency for mass production runs.

Single Piece Bed Structure

The massive bed is single-piece manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron. The bedway is induction hardened to hardness of HRC 52~54 and precision ground for the highest accuracy. In addition, the box type way for cross slide offers more rigidity for heavy cutting. Turcite-B lining is applied on the cross slide and the carriage to reduce friction.

Hydraulic Turret

The standard equipped hydraulic turret can hole up to 8 tools. It features high indexing accuracy, random tool selection and fast tool change. An optional quick-change toolholder can also be equipped. This can accommodate for more tools and faster tool changing, which yields shorter processing times.

Rigid Spindle

All gears are manufactured from high quality nickel chrome-molybdenum alloy steel in combination with a large module design. Our precision lathes are turned for ultimate performance through dynamic balance testing. The spindle is supported by high precision taper roller bearings. Also, an auto-lubrication system is equipped for headstock gears and spindle bearings.

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MA Series MA-U Series
Swing Over Bed 30″
Swing Over Cross Slide 15.7″
Center Height 16.7″
Width of Carriage 37.4″ (Box Slide)
Width of Cross Slide 15.7″
Control Fanuc 0i-TF
Width of Bed 22″
Bed Way 3V way with 1 flat way
Spindle Bore 6″ (Opt. 8″ or 9″) 9″ (Opt. 10″ or 12″)
Spindle Nose A2-11 (Opt. A2-15) A2-15 (Opt. A2-20)
Spindle Speed 6-850 RPM (Opt. 5-500 RPM) 5-500 RPM (Opt. 18-450 RPM)
Spindle Center MT#6
Spindle Motor Fanuc 0i-TF 25/30 HP (Opt. 30/35HP)
Turret Model Single System with Double Turret
V8-100 on the front
H4-250 on the back
Double System with Double Turret
V8-100 on the front
H4-250 on the back
Tool Size 1.25″
Quill Diameter 5″ + Live Center MT#6
Quill Traverse 7.9″
Tailstock Center MT#6
Body Movement Move by Carriage
Quill Movement Manual (Opt. Hydraulic)
X-Axis Rapid Traverse 6M/min
X-Axis Ballscrew Diameter 40mm x P5
X-Axis Feed Range 0.1-3000 mm/min
X-Axis Traverse 19.7″
X-Axis Servo Motor Fanuc 4HP
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse 1-5M: 6M/min
Z-Axis Ballscrew Diameter 1-5M: 63mm/min
Z-Axis Feed Range 0.1-3000 mm/min
Z-Axis Traverse 39.7″ (Up to 196″)
Z-Axis Servo Motor Fanuc 5.4HP
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Standard Accessories

  • Lubrication Pump

  • Coolant Pump

  • Hydraulic Pump

  • Chip Removal System

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