Fanuc Integration

Fanuc Integration
Fanuc Integration2021-05-24T16:55:36-08:00

Fanuc Integration

As a Fanuc strategic partner, Kent CNC supplements its full range of CNC equipments with Fanuc’s robot solutions to make your process completely automated. Automation promotes more precision, higher efficiency, and better scalability. Deploying robots allows for more precise movements for smaller, thinner, and more complex parts. Automation also allows designers to to simulate and accurately evaluate an entire proposed setup before actual production. This cuts costs, lead time, and overall risk involved in testing.

Whether you are in production, die mold, aerospace, or heavy industry, Kent CNC will have a custom CNC + Robot integrated solution for you. Our engineering team will create a simulated draft of our proposed solution for you to see how a Fanuc Robot integrated Kent CNC equipment will increase your precision and efficiency, and ultimately, your profitability. For more information, please visit Fanuc America.


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